Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unexpected tears

I think I was more nervous then Corrina for her first day of middle school.

She got up extra early to straighten her hair. I got up after 3 hours of sleep to help her:/ Today is kind of a fun day for the 6th graders. She was told to wear something cool because they were going to be in the gym most of the day. She wasn't very excited about not wearing her first day of school outfit that she had picked out for a month. We spent about an hour and half getting ready for her first day and went outside to take the dreaded first day of school pictures that the kids always look tired in. I slowly drove her the few blocks to school and asked her for the hundredth time if she was nervous. We finally pulled up and she was trying to get out of the truck while I was telling her for the 50th time her locker combination. She was very calm as I was starting to feel more and more like maybe I was the one going to middle school. So off she walked to the front doors and I stared to cry, I was surprised that I felt this way. I have been ready for the kids to go to school since the first week of summer vacation. I had to sit there a minute even after she had gone into the school. I can't believe how old she is getting and how unfazed she is of the hole middle school thing. I drove home with blurry vision and pulled up the driveway only to realize she had forgot her other bag with her gym shoes, it was right next to me. Then I got a stomach thinking how flustered she is going to feel when she realizes she doesn't have all her stuff. Maybe if I wasn't so worried about her locker combination I would have noticed the big bag sitting right in front of me. No worries, I had Matt bring it to school for her. He did not like that at all. He said we had made a point of not bringing her into the school and here he is marching into the school with his work uniform on holding the stuff she forgot. Maybe tomorrow will be better:/

This is a doll I will be putting in the shop today.

Meet Charlese.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. What a sweet story about Corrina's first day of Middle School!

    And that new doll! I LOVE her!!! (Zhaina says that one of her imaginary friend's name is "Charlay" which is close to Charlese)

  2. this has got to be my favorite so far!!