Friday, September 18, 2009


Now that all the girls are in school, it is just me and the boys.

Girls are soooo different then boys. They are happy with coloring or reading a book. Not Preston for sure.

This is him lately, he thinks he some super hero or something. Always running from one place to the next. By 2 in the afternoon I am so wanting a nap. (good luck with that)

Jonathan on the other hand is a little more mellow, thank God:)

He does follow Preston around a lot and mimics him sometimes, but he is quiet and calm. The other day I went and bought Lego's hoping this would keep them busy for awhile while I work. Ok, I think that worked for 1 day. Maybe a few more days then that. Ava is the one that really likes them. She will build something then go hide it in her room. Silly girl.

I was busy making these little owls last night. The 2 bigger ones are book ends:) They are filled with beans:)

I really love the color on these:) I have them in the shop if you want to see more pictures!

Have a great weekend!!!

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