Saturday, May 30, 2009


I finally made something other then pink. I love this robot fabric. I have made a few owls with this same fabric. And who does not love Amy Butler? This blanket is perfect for a little boy. I have another one I want to make, hopefully soon. I have a couple custom orders and I some birthday invites for my niece. Busy, busy! Here is the adorable quilt.

Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last pink one for awhile...I promise:)

I let the girls pick out some owls for their teachers. I sold one that I put up.

Ava has 3 teachers so she picked a few out and Corrina picked 1 out for her teacher and Carmen is still feeling icky so she will pick one out tomorrow. So I think I will have to make some more:)

I had to go shopping for some boy fabric. I promise that I will make a blanket for a boy. I have all the fabric picked out and the idea in my head waiting to be created. I first had to finish this last pink one. Not the "last" forever, but for now:)

This one is so summery looking. It was fun to make. All these quilts are fun to make. I love it:)

Have a nice evening:)

some new hooters

I feel so bad for little Carmen:( Her and Matt went and bought all their goodies for her field trip today to Jay Cooke. He was going to go with. She was so excited only to wake up with a really bad sore throat and a fever. She tried to pretend she was ok, but in the end she just could not hold it together. She was very sad. Matt told her he was going to bring her there for a special picnic when she feels better.

Last night I made these little hoots:)

I will be loading them up through out the day in the shop. It is such a beautiful sunny day out today:) I wish everyone a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mushroom blanket

I have been working on this one of and on for the last week. It turned out really cute. It also is thicker and bigger then the other ones. I will have to make something other then pink, soon.

The mushrooms are just the cutest:)

We had some visitors today.


This picture is from about a month ago, but this is her to a T. My sister Stacy his her mommy:) They came and Stacy's friend Erin with her little boys, Preston, and Oliver. Preston thought that was so funny that another Preston was coming to our house. It was a day filled with little ones. Now I need to get some work done. Have a great evening:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

So tiny:)

This little pins are so enjoyable to make. I can make a few in a night and it isn't as time consuming as the other things I make. Last night I wanted to try and make one with just the cute leftover fabrics I had. Here is one.
Then I thought to myself, I can make other pins besides Owls. I love hearts, so I made this really quick one.
And I also love flowers, so this was next and a little more time consuming.

I have a few more ideas swirling around in my head. Now if I didn't have all those loads of clothes waiting to be folded. I wonder what will win out:)

Here is a cute picture of Preston.

He is mad that he can't go in the alley. Sometimes it is ok, when Carmen is playing with him, but cars can go to fast through there and it scares me. He sat there for awhile deciding if he was going to listen or not. He did. Such a good little boy:)

Have a great Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New work:)

Preston slept in yesterday, which he never does. When I went to go check on him, he was sitting at the top of the stairs with his hands on his head. I asked what was wrong. He said, "mom, I'm ill". He was warm so he came down stairs and laid around most of the day. I think that is why I got a lot done on this blanket :)
I did the finishing touches when Matt was putting the little ones to bed.
I also made some new little owl pins. These little things take longer to make then I thought.
The girls want to give one to their teachers on the last day of school so I will have to make some more.
On another note......I took this picture of Corrina the other night after she got home from her movie. Sometimes one of the kids just will take me by surprise by how old they are getting. I wanted to take a front one, but she was not cooperating. She hates when I make a fuss over her.
Have a great day today:)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ava's Birthday!

Ava had her first birthday party where she got to invite her friends. She was so excited. I let her invite 4 little girls. 3 came and they had the best 3 hours. I made them all "goodie" bags. Some of it was stuff I made and some little stuff from the $ store. Here are some high-lights of her big day!
Her 3 layer cake! YUMMY!!! Happy face:)
The hat she made at school for her birthday the day before. I can't believe it survived a whole day without ripping.
The thing she wanted most of all. "BABY ALIVE" !!!! I had no idea what it was and apparently either did she. When she opened it she said, "is this the baby alive?".
Only her bestest friends ever!!!!!! She also got some of her favorite books. Over all she had a really fun 7th birthday!

House work....what house work?

I was busy yesterday making some new things for the shop. This quilt took me almost all day to make. With 5 kids, I worked on it here and there.Then while watching, Twilight with a sleeping husband, I made this cute little hooter. I made 3 different ones, but will share this one with you today.Ava had a friend over so it helped to keep her busy and Preston while I created.

Be back later to share Ava's birthday photos from Sunday. Have a good afternoon:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

For his teachers

It is Preston's last day of school today. I wanted to make his teachers a little something. I few days ago I saw this in one of my favorite blogs.
I remembered that I was going to make some of these little pins for my shop. Not campers, but owls. It is the perfect little thing to give. So last night I made 2 for Preston's teachers and they turned out rather cute.
I let him deceide which teacher he would give which owl to. He was excited when we were getting ready to go.

I pinned them to some scrapbook paper and wrote "Thank you for being my teacher". Then at the bottom Preston signed his name:)

Have a great afternoon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ooh la la

We were leaving to go to the store and Ava went and did a little bit of getting ready........

Her eyelashes are so long, she is gonna love it when she is old enough to wear make-up.

This is a cusom order I am finishing up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

birthday time!!

Ava's birthday snuck up on me. It is this Saturday already!!! She wants to have a few friends over so last night I whipped up some invitations for her little friends. They turned out pretty cute:)

She is inviting 4 friends and then I like to save one for her scrapbooks.

This little one is my favorite. I glittered the outer edge of the tree picture and then the outer edge of the card. It is a little hard to see here. The tree is glittery too:) I forgot how much I miss all my pretty papers after not doing it for awhile. Too much sewing.

Speaking of sewing........ I have been busy making this little quilt for the shop.

I have all these cute ideas for quilts and tons of beautiful fabric. I have a few custom orders to fill first though. The little strawberries on the bottom are my favorite part:)
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a tanner banner:)

Preston's new thing is ryming everything he says. It is cute and sometimes annoying. Sometimes if he starts with truck, it goes on and on until unexpectedly he hears himself say...........................#$@* :0 So today when I was making this banner.....
what else would we call it, but a tanner banner! And Tanner is the name of one his friends so that is extra special.( hehe ) Preston is quite the character around here.
Here is the banner hanging in the kitchen with some of the other Amy Butler items.
Enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

guess who?

Can you guess which one of my 5 this is?

That would be sweet, sweet, Carmy:)

She is can be such a good helper when I need her to be. She also takes after my creative spirit.

If the Owl looks is almost the same as a custom order I did. I made this one first and then made hers. So, it has been sitting in my studio for awhile.

Kind of slow in the Etsy shop, but I can't stop making things. I LOVE it:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy day:)

Carmen had a very special day yesterday! She had her first communion. I was just crossing my fingers that she would not get the flu. Do you notice anyone missing in this picture?That would be Corrina. I felt so bad for her. I wanted everyone to be there for Carmen's special day. Not that either Corrina or Carmen cared, but I did. Check out Preston.......this was a reoccurring theme throughout the day with him.

He did not want his picture taken. He looked so handsome and his mohawk was adorable. Jonathan was a little better at the picture taking, but not much.

Carmen looked so pretty.

The shoes were a hasty choice. We couldn't find good ones....that is what happens when I wait the day before to find some:( She didn't mind or know the difference. She wanted to wear them to school today.

She said she was a little nervous when we got there but once she sat down she was fine. I think she listend to Father for most of his sermon. He talked to the boys and girls mostly so they were attentive.

The boys not so much. All though this picture "looks" like they are.
Ava wanted to know which page we were singing from on every song. She can't read very well yet but at least she was doing what she was supposed to be doing.
After a little over an hour, mass was over and the children had a group picture in the front of the church. I took a few with of her by herself and I wished I would have used my nice camera to take these but this will have to do.
Her day turned out perfect! Both the grandparents were even brave enough to come over to our sick house and have osme cake and ice cream:)

"my MOM"

I should start on some new items for the shop. My mom wants me to make some pillows for her, so maybe I should do that. What I really should be doing is the loads upon loads of laundry that need to be folded and washed. You wants to do that??

Have a good day:)