Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Over at Take Heart, Danielle is hosting a giveaway for I Sew Lucky!! She did such a cute job on displaying items from my shop. Pop over to her blog and see if you will can be the lucky winner:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter blues

Every year I have the winter blues in February. This year it came early. Living here in northern Minnesota, the winters are soooo long. Mornings are usually gloomy which has made it really hard for me to get on the dreaded elliptical trainer (have yet to hop on). We did however get a Wii fit and it has become a big hit with the kids. Me, not so much:/ It is really hard to get motivated. But, I have been very motivated in the studio:)) I added 26 NEW items to the shop yesterday!! The chenille owls have become the most sot after. They are pretty dang cute:) I only had a couple girl ones in the shop and finally got around to making some little hoots for the boys. You can also find them in white, blue and some other little girl ones in pink and yellow.

I only had 1 mini owl in the shop and add some requests so I have added a few of these also.The perfect little something for Valentines day or for any day.

The chubby owls are another popular item in the shop, so I had to add a few of them as well.Don't forget about the small hoots!I LOVE this color combo! Amy Butler's fabric with Riley Blake's, so cute!Hooty Hoot Riley Blake is another popular one.

Can you ever go wrong with black and pink? Check out this other pink and grey combo!

I also added 2 bookends. I am working on more, but have a wholesale order I need to finish first.

SO my question to you is how do you handle the winter blues if you don't live in a nice warm sunny place?

Monday, January 3, 2011

New things for the New Year!!

I have been busy in the studio sewing and cutting!! I thought it would be a little slow after the holiday but no break for me. It is a good thing:) I wanted something new for the shop so here it is! Chubby Medium Owl!

The chubby ones are quite popular so I thought a medium one would fit right in.

Annnnnd do you see the little tag on the side??? I had a design made for sewn in tags. The front:)

The back:)
I LOVE them!! You can check her shop out here. She also did my business cards earlier this year. I will have to share those one of these days.
What do you have in store for the New Year? Good things I hope:))