Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

33 years old! I have to admit most days I feel older. The fact that I have 5 kids and never get enough sleep is I am sure the reason for this. But this morning when I came downstairs to this..
reminds me of how lucky I am:) A card from each child with their own little sweet words. I always tell my husband that the card that brings tears to your eyes is the one. His for sure did today. Preston had his very own rose to bring to me this morning. That is what he wanted to give to me for my birthday he told me a few days ago. His little signature on his card brought tears to my eyes.

Just seeing this picture with their names on it makes me feel emotional.

Usually I say my birthday is the worst day of the year. (Too high of expectations.) This morning made my day a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have not posted in awhile. OOOPS! Little Jonathan is on his 3rd day of a high temp:(

Obviously this picture is not from today:)

Poor little guy. It was soooo nice out today and he had a little window there that he felt good so he played outside for a like 45 mins. Everyone needs a little fresh air this time of year. It is almost time for dinner and he is fast asleep. I thought I would load some things up in the shop before I start the Spaghetti dinner.

Here are a few new things added to the shop today!
Medium sized owl with some retro looking fabric!
Small plush owl with fabric from the same collection.

A bookend with fabric from the same collection. Amy Butler fabric was used for the underside of the wings. It matches perfectly.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday! I can't wait to watch Lost tonight and have our movie night. I was thinking, Lovely Bones. Have any of you seen it yet and how is it?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up in arms;)

That is what is going on on Etsy right now. It is little too technical for me, but I think the jist of it is that Etsy is not showing up on google the right way, which means low sales and low views. I know that for me, last year at this time was soooo slow that I almost shut down the shop. This time however I am doing lots of sewing and keeping a positive attitude. Here is my studio right now.
Minis and bigger ones ready to be finished.
These small owls are plush instead of bookends:)

Some more bookends for the shop. These are my best sellers.

I am adding some to the shop tonight and have a couple custom orders I need to finish up:)

Have a good night!

Monday, April 12, 2010

As I promised:)

Matt and Carmen were in charge of the digital camera on Jonathan's birthday. It is always fun to see what moments they captured. Here are a few:)

I usually make this big fancy cake for the birthday parties but he wanted brownies this time.

He was sooo excited that he got his very own bike annnnnd it has bell:)

Present opening.

A dragon for a present.

Zhaina reading the books she gave to Jonathan.

He had such a fun day for his 3rd birthday!

13 years ago today I married my wonderful husband!

This picture is almost as old. I think it was about 9 yrs ago. Boy do we look young.

We went out for lunch and had Jonathan with us. Maybe next weekend we can have Grandma watch the kiddies while we have a peaceful quiet night out. We are really holding out for Matt's mom and dad to come back from their winter in Texas so they can take the kids for a night or 2. I would love to stay home and do nothing for an entire weekend. That would be the best vacation right now.

I will be back later to share some photos of Jonathan's birthday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was without a computer for 2 weeks. Ahhhh! My shop was neglected and my kids were not;)

We had to get a knew one and I had to learn how to use the new one. So here I am finally!! Today was Jonathan's birthday, I will have pictures to share tomorrow. Here are a couple cute ones from Easter.

Carmen and Preston on Easter on the way to Grandma's. Preston has been doing to peace sign in a lot of pictures lately. Silly boy!
Jonathan chillin on the way to Grandma's house:)

I wish I had more on my digital, but my battery went dead. Luckily I had my other camera with.

I put a couple items in the shop tonight and maybe I will put some in tomorrow. I don't know if Matt will want me working since it is our 13 yr anniversary:)