Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another family

The last of the Owl families until I can get some of these custom orders done.The bookends have become quite the popular thing in my shop lately. Carmen and Ava love to help with these.
These 2 will also be put in the shop today. I have a ton of minis to put in the shop and will do that through out the weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owl family:)

For some reason I am into making these little families of owls.There are more members to the family some were already put in the shop yesterday and sold:) I just like giving people more then 1 choice. I really like the stripes.

I have been busy with regular owl pillows as well. Here a few that were put in the shop today.

For more pictures of these cute owls, you can check out my shop:)

I also was in need of putting more owl garlands in the shop. I sold 2 yesterday!!!! That was sooo exciting! I have 2 that I have not put in the shop yet. This is an "up close" of the one I will put in tomorrow.

This one was put in today:)

I have a few more bookends and minis to finish tonight for tomorrows update and then it will be all about custom orders I NEED to do.

Hope everyone is having a good night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What to do when the children have NO SCHOOL!

Send them outside:)
Don't they look like they are having sooo much fun;) Carmen was still inside fiddling around with her layers. Jonathan was taking a nap. Carmen eventually made it out and I took a few pictures from inside...........too cold for me.

Carmen of course was the first one back in the house. Like her mother she would rather be inside doing something creative. So she did..........scrapbooking:)

Sooner then later they all came in ready for me to give them something else to do. Ava made her brownies that she got for Christmas. Sweet little May let Preston and Corrina take a turn stirring.Ava did not have frosting to go with her brownies and I suggested to wait for dad to bring some home from work. She managed to wait until after supper to eat her YUMMY brownies, AND she shared with her family.

I went to take pictures of some items I have been working on......


only to find that someone was having a little fun with my camera yesterday. I found this sweet picture that I LOVE of the brothers.

Love that they have each other:)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A calculated patch

I had a few scraps of the chocolate colored fabrics from Amy Butler and decided that I was going to make a patched owl with this and needed fabrics to coordinate. So this is what I came with.
And all of these as well.
I am working on some boy bookends tonight!!! Blues, oranges and browns. Aaaaand guess Amy Butler!!! They will still be just as cute:)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Sorry I have not posted in a loooong time. Busy around here:) I thought I would share the latest for the shop. Yesterday I was organizing my studio and thought I need to so something with all these scraps. So this little one took up quite a few of the pinks and reds:) My favorite. With the blue scraps I made this one.I actually made a few. I tried to use every inch of the patched up fabrics. Here is a little "patch" family.
On another note....................the weather has been pretty warm the last couple of days. Preston was bouncing off the walls yesterday so we sent him and Ava outside.
They were still outside when Jonathan woke up for his nap. Daddy was out there to keep an eye on them all. Ava and Preston were so sweet to help Jonathan through the snow.

Every time Jonathan would touch the snow with his mittens he would brush his hands together to get the snow off......................too cute!

I have a few custom orders I need to get busy on. Hopefully I will post sooner this time. I LOVE ready everyones comments, so thank you for following me:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

One thing??

I can never just do one thing at a time. I always have to do many at once. Like if I am going upstairs I have to carry as much stuff upstairs with me as I can. (stuff that needs to be put away or whatever) If I am on the computer I need to be on the phone or doing bills, making a grocery list..............on and on. I wish I had more time in the day. I am realizing now that I wish I had someone to do all this computer stuff for me for my Etsy shop. It is sooooo time consuming. So..............I was doing some custom orders and could not just do those, I needed to make stuff to put stuff in the shop as well.
They are all in different stages of being done.
These ones I finally finished LATE last night.
Half are sewn together and the other half need their eyes sewn on so I can sew them together.
I think this part where I have sewn them together and then turn them right-side out is my favorite part. They look so cute. I have a couple favorites, but they are all pretty cute.
This bookend is my favorite.
These are few of the Sweetheart owls for Valentine's Day! I think all of these are pretty dang cute:)
OWL love you always Valentine Owls.
Sweetheart owl for "Sweetheart":)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I have so many things I want to work on this year!!! For the business I would like to get more organized with the money part of it. I want to work on being a better mom who has more patience. That is a huge one for me:/ What I really need to do is work on me and taking care of me. That means getting way more sleep then I am getting and eating better and getting some exercise into my everyday life.......maybe I won't be getting that much needed sleep:/ Especially now that on my to do list is a custom order for 45 mini owls!!

I have been slowly making Valentine Day items for the shop. Here is the first item.
"OWL" love you forever Valentine's Day owls!
Better get to work!