Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some More Exciting News!

Do you ever feel like things in your life are all just working out perfect? Today is one of those days!
I received another convo from Etsy Marketing!! One of my Halloween Owl Garlands were put in a slideshow on ivillage!!

There are a lot of great Halloween items on the slideshow! Please check it out!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens

Yesterday I received a convo from Heather who is from Etsy Marketing. She told me congratulations for being featured in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Craft. I was so excited that they actually knew that I was. Didn't even know I was on Etsy's radar. She made a badge for the Etsians that were featured in magazine! Here it is .

So happy that someone did this for me, because I would not even know where to start:/

Wishing everyone a great day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Getting up at 6 for the kids to get off to school is not one of my favorite things. I have learned that I need to jump right in the shower before I do anything else and have my coffee shortly after or I can not deal with the chaotic morning of getting 5 kids ready for the day! You would think at least I would have the weekend to get some rest. HAHA!!! Saturday we had to all get up at the same time as a school day and head off to Carmen's volleyball game!An hour drive there, was not something that sounded fun:/ We also picked up one of Carmen's friends, which added to the stress. It really would have not been so bad if Matt was there to help, but he had to work:/

Within the first 5 minutes of us getting there, Jonathan fell down a few steps, face first. That was a sign of how the next 5 and half hours were going to be!!!!!

The games were 4 and half hours!!! That is waaaaaaaaaaaay to long to expect my kids to sit there and watch anything. I brought a LOT of snacks to keep them busy. The boys brought some cars and Ava had some books and paper to keep her occupied. What do you think Corrina was doing???I will give you one guess;)

I felt bad for Carmen because by the time it was over I had had enough!! Next time Matt will be coming with!
I have been filling the shop with more fun owls! Here a few of my favorites!
My pictures have not been turning out that great lately. I have noticed they look blurry or furry or something. Am I shocked? The way the kids have it all the time and me and my butter, not really. I know I need a new one.
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh How I Miss You

A couple of nights ago Carmen was going through all my scrapbook supplies and pictures that are waiting to be stuck in books. As she would show me her favorites I realized how much I miss touching all the papers and doo dads. A couple of years ago I started on Etsy selling scrapbooks and have some in my studio that never sold. I have been meaning to use them for my own pictures. Carmen found this one.I am going to use it for pictures of the boys together. I can't wait to start. While Jonathan is at preschool tomorrow I am going to start. He only is at school for 2 hours, so I don't know how far I will get. I am little rusty.This is the first page. Another cute page.I can't wait to pick out the perfect pictures of the boys.And another:)I can't believe I have neglected my first love of crafts for so long. All those supplies just waiting to be used.This is my favorite part:)

I have been slowly putting new things in the shop. Here are a few hoots that you can find in the shop now.An Autumn Owl Garland. I really love these fabrics.A couple of Owl Bookends to match and to make your fall decor so festive! I have others to match as well. Hope you find the perfect Owl decoration for your home:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

a day late

I know I was supposed to post yesterday........................but, life happened.

At Tcc I saw from afar..............Melody Ross! She used to own a big company in the scrapbook world. Chatterbox. I have so many products from that company. It is one of my favorites. Since I have really not been scrapbooking in a couple of years I was out of the loop. Actually it must have been longer. She was there doing demos and looked fantastic, BTW!

She left this card at the table that intrigued me. It was Brave Girls Club. I thought she must have gone through something in her life to want to create such a club. When I got home I looked up the web site which brought me to her personal blog. I was immediately intrigued and read and read for about 3 hours!!! I never spend that much time on the computer at once. There is a lot to read on her blog, but she is such a good writer! I felt like I was watching a movie. Her story was so heartfelt and sad and brought me to tears a few times. She has 5 children and has been married to her husband for 20 years and the struggles that they have had to endure in the last 7-8 yrs SHOULD be a movie. Just a beautiful story. If you have some time check it out. You will have to go back quite a bit, but I promise it is worth it!

I have to share some of what I have put in the shop.A small minky owl. This is Matt's favorite!I LOVE this one! I had these in the shop awhile back and they sold like hot-cakes. It took me awhile to get some more made. I have 3 big ones and about 7 bookends of different colors.This is the first of some of my SPECIALTY owls. I have some other cute little ones in the early makings. This one though was very loved at TCC!Another Halloween garland! I like the ones with the hearts.BOOKENDS!! I have some more of these that match in the shop! They are perfect for the Fall Season. A cute decoration for Thanksgiving.

These little girl Owl Ornaments were a hot seller last Christmas! I have about 10 if them made in different color combos. I have 3 in the shop right now:) Stop over in the shop to see.

I would love to hear if you checked out Melody's blog and what your thoughts are.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Many Creative People!!

I really met some very creative people at TCC. I did not however take very many pictures:/ Here a few that I did take.City Chic Country Mouse

Jamie was so helpful and just a sweet girl. Her mom was just as nice.Chances are if you are in this creative circle you are sure to know Lindsey! She came all the way from California! Her good friend Lisa came with her and I wish I would have taken a picture of her cute table. She asked me to trade with her and I jumped right on the chance to snag one of her awesome pieces of jewelry. I gave the little owl necklace to Carmen. (I will need to take a picture of it and share it with you soon) Sorry for bad picture. These girls had some very bad lighting down this way. I wish I was closer to them so I could have gotten to know them better. The little bit I had to talk with Maggie was so great and she was so informative about the business. She was so cute and sweet and her shop has the cutest stuff. Be sure to check it out! Also down here was Allora Handmade. OMG her stuff is so fricken cute! I didn't get to her table in time to buy one of her bracelets. I will be buying one from her shop! I LOVE this one!Isn't so cute! LOVE IT!! Check out her shop, so many cute bracelets, necklaces and other goodies. Another favorite booth of mine was Jenna Lou:) Her purses are so cool!! I am having one made! I cannot wait to get it! I also bought a little credit card holder and pouch to bring home to my girls. We got to hang out a little bit and she so cute and she had her husband with her part of the time as well. Rebecca Sower was there!!!!! She had a booth across from us. I could not believe it, I have one of her books from back when I used to be crazy scrapbooker. She has an Etsy shop which you can find on her blog. Her husband was with her the hole time, it was nice to know Matt was not the only one:) Melissa from Two Little Tots was there helping out Gussy, she stopped by with cute little twin girls to say hi!

Ok, I look ginormous next to her and her little ones.

I will back tomorrow..............I hope, to share one last person I did not meet, but saw from afar.

Hope you get to check out all these awesome ladies and their shops!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It has been a month....oops:/

I have said it before and I will say it again.............I am awful at this blogging thing! I do however have something to write about.
I was at the Creative Connection last weekend and have so much to tell! Today I will share some of my booth pictures and a few new things in the shop. My booth!He sat with me the entire time and did all the lifting! I love him so:))A Halloween hoot in the shop!

A Halloween garland!

I met so many great people and some of my hoots even ended up on the news in Minneapolis!! It was really great and hope to do it again next year!