Sunday, September 13, 2009

Her Gaurdian Angel (not for the squeamish)

Last night was an eventful night around here. I was on the computer updating my shop and Corrina was in the shower while Carmen was downstairs lurking, trying to scare Corrina. (this is a common occurrence ) Carmen comes running up the stairs and slams the basement door and Corrina, afraid that she was not going to get in (after all the basement is where the boogieman lives) bangs on the window of the door. I hear glass break and screams. I run over there to find Carmen jumping around with fright and Corrina soaking wet from just taking a shower and broken glass everywhere. My immediate reaction is to yell!!! I did:/ When I looked at Corrina I saw blood on her hand, it was a little dark so all I saw was blood. She was scared and in her frightened voice she said, " help me mom". I pulled her through the broken glass that was all over the floor and look at at her hand. I have never seen anything like it. There was a 3" gash that was all the way down to her bone, it was gaping. I saw it for a half a second, covered it up and screamed at the top of my lungs for Matt. It was one of the moments that I will never forget. I was so scared and Corrina layed her head on my chest and said with tears in her voice, "am going to be ok?". I said yes, but I thought for sure she would loose some use of her hand. She was crying, I was crying, oh it was an awful feeling. Ava ran up and got Matt. I kept telling him to look at her hand, I always freak out when the kids are bleeding. I knew that he was scared to look. Matt is so much more calmer then me, so when he looked and said "oh my God, we gotta go now.", it was bad. He never acts like that. She had blood everywhere, cuts on her feet, hands, her forehead, arms, really I didn't know what to do. She was naked so she needed clothes on. Matt dressed her and carried her out to the truck. She was white as a ghost when they left here. At that point I started crying and Preston with his funny little self said, " mom, why are you doing that with your face? Stop doing that.". Carmen was really scared she asked if Corrina is going to die. All I knew is I had to be with Corrina, so I called Grandma Sherry and they came right away. When I got to the ER, I went right in to see her, she was calm. They were getting ready to stitch er up. I had a little look at the wound and it was worse then the glance I got earlier. Corrina was very brave and I am so proud of her for such a scary thing. The doctor said she was very lucky, she missed her tendons my 1/8 of an inch. She received 8 stitches on the inside and 11 on the outside.When we got out of the ER I was surprised to see my mom, Brett and Brenna there. They wanted to make sure Corrina was ok. Thank God she was. We went home where she was the talk of the night. In the middle of the night she came into our room and slept on the chair next to our bed. I asked her why she didn't want to get in her own bed and she said, "I want to sleep here, this is really comfortable". Sometimes it is more comfortable to be in the presence of your parents. I am so thankful that she is ok and that nothing more serious happened. If you are a little squeamish turn your head.

Poor Corrina:(

OK, on a happier note.....her is a new dollie:)

Have a very nice Sunday!


  1. oh how awful... I don't think I would've been able to deal. thank goodness Matt was home :)