Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My little sister, Brenna!

I had Brenna come over the other weekend. During the school months, she doesn't get to come very often. And now that she has a boyfriend, she would rather be with him. But, whenever she comes I enjoy it. She is only 14, but I bet one day, when she is older, we will be the best of friends. She comes to help out with my five children, she especially likes holding Jonathan:) This time we did a little fun make-over. I thought she looked great, she had another opinion.
Her purple make-up.

The new Brenna:)

Brenna and Corrina doing "girly stuff " in Corrina's room.

Too cute:)

I need to get busy on some more inventory, so have a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A custom order

I finally finished these 2 little dollies for this sweet lady. Her daughter is in band, so she went and picked out the cute musical fabric and I did the rest. Now I just have to finish the pillow she wants:)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UGLY wall paper is coming down.

After living here for almost 9 years, Matt and I finally tackled the job of taking down the ugly wall paper in our living room. Our living room is pretty big so the job just seemed too much, but it's actually not that bad. That is maybe because Matt is doing most of the work:) I did some and my shoulder started getting really sore, so I left it for Matt. I think he secretly likes doing it:)

The fireplace will also needs to be painted.

See the big long patch work going down the entire wall? From there, and all the way to the other side of the door by the wall sconce , that whole wall is going to be taken down, which will reveal the upstairs. Oooh, I can't wait.

Now we just have to decide what color to paint it. I have a hard time deciding when there are so many choices. Any ideas?

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's been too long!

I haven't blogged in awhile! I hurt my shoulder, which has effected my entire arm and hand. I finally finished 1 of the custom orders last night. I have to wear this ugly cast looking thing on my thumb and part of my hand. Luckly I can take it off. My shoulder always hurts and at night my hand goes numb, YIKES! But, I will be fine and it will heal, in about 3 weeks:( I have 3 other custom orders that I have to get busy on, but I thought I would show you the one I finished and will be shipped off to his new home today!
This is for a little boy, with his name embroidered on his back side.

Sophie will also be going to a new home today.
I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally finished!

These little dolls took me way longer then I thought. Those little boys are hard to make, I enjoy making the girls way better. I have a favorite boy and a favorite girl, which one do you think it is? Tell me your favorite.
Richie and Mindy
Danny and Sandy

Jonny and Janie

An up close of one of the sweet couples.

Sorry about the picture overload but I couldn't help it:)
My favs are Jonny and Janie:) Who are yours?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Owl!

Here is the Owl I made for Carmen's friend. She is going to her birthday this Saturday. I hope Jordin likes it, I know I do:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More pictures of the soon to be, "SUNSHINE KIDS"

Well, I did not finish these yet like I wanted to. I was so tired last night, we went to bed early, which we never do. We are night "owls". We can stay up until 2 and then have to get up with kids at 7 for school.........gee, and I wonder why I am so tired. I have been multi tasking today, more then usual. I am working on the dolls and Carmen's friend's owl. Tonight is movie night for Matt and I, so I like to have something I can sew by hand while "spending time" with Matt.

Here are some pics of the boys and a pic of all the little dollies waiting to be stuffed and a little sweet something added to each one:)

The boys, waiting for their legs and arms to be sewn in. These boys are so much work than the girls. They have more material, so sewing their arms and legs in, is like having a wrestling match:(

You can't see their little smiles in this pic, but they do have one:)

The "SUNSHINE KIDS" waiting to be stuffed. Sorry about the bad pics.

Monday, March 9, 2009

If they were only like "this" more often!

Carmen and Preston are 2 of the same, just different genders. It is usually these 2 jumping around the house like some kind of wild animals. I am always yelling one of their names. This, though, was a perfect moment that I had to capture.

Right now I am working on something so fun and cute! I would like to get them done before tomorrow. I have a birthday "Owl" I have to make for Carmen's little friend. Then I have 4 custom orders I should be working on. 3 of them are from this really nice lady that I work with. I think I am busy, she has 6 kids!! (YIKES!) Then another owl. I better get off the computer and get busy. Here are half of the "SUNSHINE KIDS".

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things for big kids!!

I was asked by someone if I could make some big Owls for the college age group. What a good idea, I thought. Teenagers or college kids who like the Owls but are too old for the toy thing. These are great to use as pillows. The fronts are cute and the backs are for comfy:)

Stripes the Owl! This one is in the shop right now!
Polka Dot the Owl! Hopefully I can get this one up in the shop tomorrow!
On another note.........Everynight before I go to bed I check on all the kids and I never know what I will find with Preston. This is what I found the other night that made me smile..........................

He is wearing a sponge bob Halloween costume! Silly little Preston:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MY FAVORITE..........again.

Every time I make something, I am like, "this is it, this is my favorite thing I have ever made!". Ok, not all the time, but a lot of the times this happens. When I finished these little dolls, I thought they are the cutest thing ever! One of them is my favoritest:) Here are the..............



Tell me which one is you'r fav!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Etsy Treasures!

I thought I would show you some of the fun things I have bought from some great Etsy artists. They are not the greatest of pictures though.
Who doesn't have something from "the black apple". I LOVE the little disco girl. I matted it with scrapbook paper and put in a cute frame. The first one usually is not my style but I just like this one for some reason and I like how it looks in the frame..........now the ugly wall paper that I have yet to change is another story:(
"The Dreamy Giraffe" , I have the most of her art work. I think all of it is so adorable. She had a great special going on and I could not resist. The first 2 are up in my craft room and they need to be framed. The second 2 are in my daughter's room(sorry about the bad picures) and the last one I thought is a perfect fit for my kitchen! I still have 4 more that are not pictures here. Maybe another day:)
This little picture is so cute, it is by "DUDADAZE". I matted it with scrapbook paper that matches her dress perfectly and stuck it in a frame, which sits on a dresser in our upstairs hallway. I have 2 of her cute peices of art.
We know I love the Owls! This is a cute little mobile from "blackbirdfashion". Right now I have it hanging in my dining room. Again sorry about the ugly wallpaper. You think after almost 9 years I would have changed it by now, but I have had no desire to tackle taking the wallpaper down.

So there you go, some of my favs!

Here is another Owl that will be going in the shop and is one of the 2 I made for a custom order that I will let her choose from.

Butterscotch the Owl

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love pink!

I ended up making another owl for the custom order I had. She doesn't like hearts so I am glad I wasn't set on having that one be hers. I want to make one more so she can choose. We will see if I have time for that.:) Here it is.
Today was the first time I went and watched Preston at Hockey! I was so proud. When I saw him get out on that ice and skate around I got tears in my eyes. He still uses the bar but once they took it away from him he was fine. If he falls, he ends up just laying on the ice for a few minutes. He props his head up with his hands under his chin. It is so cute. There are kids even younger then him out there. This one little tiny boy came over to Preston while he was taking his "rest" and sat next to him and you could tell he was saying something to him and he kept coping what Preston was doing. It was so cute. After practice I asked Preston what he was talking to him about and he said, "who, Pooper?". Ok, so the little boy's name is Cooper and Preston refuses to believe that it is anything but "Pooper".

I took a few pictures with the digital but my regular camera takes way better pictures and I took a ton on there so I will have better pictures at a later date, but here is one with the digital.