Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love this!

I LOVE when Matthew is doing manly things. This is one of my favorites.
He usually fits it in while I am doing the dishes. I just stare at him out the kitchen window. I am not sure what it is, I know part of it is that he is taking care of us by cutting this wood and getting it ready for the winter. Another really cute thing is how Preston will get out his play chain saw and pretend he is helping. On this day though he was too busy playing with the other kids. Jonathan was out there to help though!
He would wait patiently (far away) while Matt would chop the wood so he could get a little piece and put it in his little pile. I have to say Matt was very patient after every log he chopped while Jonathan found the perfect piece to carry. It was sooo cute to watch them. Matt is such a good daddy:)

Placed his log where he wanted it now walking away to the safe zone:)

Carmen helped me stuff some owls last night and these are a couple that I put in the shop today.

Oscar the Owl
I had to make a mini to match:)

I am off the make some Chocolate chip cookies for the fam:)


  1. One of my favorite blog entries yet.

    Awesome photos of the boys workin' hard!

  2. There's something so right about a man working hard~