Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Finally, all the girls are in school! With it raining yesterday, it was a long day. Now all I have home is the 2 boys. That is more then enough. Although I won't have Preston saying to Ava every half hour, "Ava, I'm gonna steal your stuff". I am hoping that this year with Ava being in school all day it will make her grow out of her whining stage. I have had it with that.
Us girls were the only ones up this morning, so that was nice. Corrina and Carmen straightened their hair. Corrina helped Carmen (love seeing that). I wish Carmen wouldn't straighten her hair though, she has really cute curly hair and it just is curly by the end of the day anyways. It is hard to remember they have to learn these things on their own:/ I got a few pictures taken. To me the first day of school pictures are always a little homely. They have puffy eyes and no one wants to smile at this hour. But, I got one little funny one out of the bunch.

Ava looks the most unpleased, but she was the most excited. Awww, first grade:) Although, she is nervous for lunch. All will be well!

I added a new dollie to the shop this morning:) She is one of my favorites!

Holly Berry

I made 4 Christmas dolls. I really like the Christmas ones, maybe it is because I love Christmas so much:)

Lot's of mini owls to do today and 3 custom Owls to finish up! Have a great Thursday!!


  1. The first day of school pic is charming, puffy eyes and all. (Is Corrina reading Twilight?!) let us know how it goes! (Tell Ava I was always nervous about lunch too ;)

    Oh April, I love Holly Berry! Especially the color of her lipstick, so in fashion! And her platinum hair, gorgeous!

  2. You do such a great job of chronicling the everyday life of a busy mom...
    I love the "all will be well" part:)))