Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hate missing out

Today is my sisters birthday and she had a day planned for our other sisters and our mom. Looks like I can't make it:( Joanthan still isn't feeling very well and Grandma (the babysitter) has the flu. I was looking so forward to it. My favorite thing is watching a movie and I am going to miss it. It isn't very often I get to leave ALL the kids behind. Well, I wish Stacy a very Happy Birthday anyways!

Here is a owl that is up in the shop today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

poor little Jonathan

Matt and I stayed up until after 1 am so he could put on the last coat of poly. He was falling asleep at 11. He had put the 2nd coat on at 9 and we had to wait 3 hours to put the 3rd on. I was cutting pieces for my banner and looking at Matt every few minutes saying, "wake up". Once he is sleeping, sleeping it is so hard to wake him up out of that. Finally 12 came and I gathered the food and dishes in the dining room for the next day. He did the last coat and we dragged ourselves up to bed. I layed there and tossed and turned, slowly falling asleep. I think I might have actually fallen asleep for like a minute. I heard Jonathan crying, went in his room to find that he had thrown up all over his bed. I actuall wanted to cry because I know what the next couple of weeks are going to be like. YUCK!!!! I don't think I slept more then a couple of hours last night. Jonathan slept in our bed and every little move he made I thought for sure he was going to throw up on me. Carmen also stayed home from school. Although can she really feel that awful when her and Preston are throwing a basketball around the living room? Today is going to be fun:(

So anyways, I loaded this cute little doll up in shop today. I might put another in the shop later.

I hope your day is better than mine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another house project.

Well, we started another house project. We did not finish the living room yet because I would like the floors sanded first. Matt thought we should work on the kitchen floor that was started 8 years ago. 8 yrs ago he pulled up the tile in the kitchen and sanded part of the floor and that is the way it stayed. The raw floor did get ruined though. So late last week, he started once again in the kitchen and the next night did nothing. I was a litte unhappy. After that I made sure he knew this time the floor would be finished. Last night he stayed up past his "bed time" and worked on it. He got the first coat of poly down. YEAH!! The down-side is that the fridge is in the dining room:( We made breakfast and lunch in here so far and it is a little like camping. Hopefully tonight he can get the last 2 coats on.

I have been busy loading items into the shop. Here are a couple new ones..........................

Have a great day:)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The funny things they say:)

Yesterday we went to church and the kids behaved pretty good. Preston was restless as usual. He told Matt that he was bored so I had him come sit by me and I whispered in his ear what Father was doing and to look at Jesus on the cross and so on. He was watching with interest. Church was over and we said how everyone behaved well except for..................Corrina. (that is another story) Today I asked Preston what he thought about church. Matt chimed in and said he was bored. So I said to Preston, "When you are at church you are supposed to think about God". Then he said without even thinking, "I don't even know who he is". Too funny! I wish I could be in his little mind sometimes and see things the way he does.

I put up some of the new Amy Butler items in my shop and also this boyish Owl.

Also, after I got home and looked at the pictures I uploaded on my mother-in-law's computer, they were darker then I thought they were. That bugged me, I can't have bad pictures on Etsy:( Well, Matt had a surprise for me when I got home from work last night. He fixed the computer so I can upload pictures! YEAH!!! So I stayed up to late and worked on that and I want to show you the pictures of them from yesterday with a little light shown on them.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I feel so lost!

My computer is about 7 years old, so it has about had it. It will not let me load pictures into it. YIKES!! I am now sitting at my mother-in-laws taking care of all the things I have not been able to do in the last couple of weeks. I have been busy at home, sewin, sewing, sewing. I am now in the proccess of making banners to go with the cute little Amy Butler, bedroom collections I have been doing. It all started when I made this pillow for my cousin Barb's daughter, Maria.
It was fun to make and it turned out pretty darn cute. So then I made a few more things with the cute Amy Butler fabric.............................

But, my favorite color is pink and the Amy Butler fabric in pinks is super cute!

So, I have all my items made and photographed, now I need to just get them on my Etsy site. Hopefully it doesn't take me so long to talk to you all again. Have a great day!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I need a vacation!

After the week of Spring Break for the kids and a busy weekend.............I need to take a vacation or even a day of just laying in bed and doing nothing. Yesterday I woke up and my face was so puffy and tired and I was so tired I couldn't see straight until noon. Even then I didn't feel awake until I left the house at 3:00.
Saturday was Jonathan's birthday. We just had us here to celebrate, which after 7 birthday's a year in this house alone, is just fine with me. Jonathan some how managed to open most of his presents without the other kids opening them for him. They all try to get his attention at the same time though, they all say "Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan". I tried very hard not to yell and say "BE QUIET!". I know they all mean well, but really, when everyone is saying his name at the same time it is a little much.

After the present opening was the cake eating. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and waited for 10 minutes for Jonathan to blow out his candles. He wanted to dip his finger into the frosting instead. Everyone wanted to take a candle out and lick the frosting off, well, since there are only 2 candles, there was a little crying going on. (That was fun:))
Matt and I then dished up the cake and ice cream. By that time I think poor Jonathan had enough.
He was melting.

But wait, the day was not over, we still had to get the egg coloring in. Jonathan took a quick nap and then we did some egg coloring. He was not happy. He wanted to drink it and every time I said, "no, no", he would start crying. So he just sat and stared at his egg through his tears. (poor little guy) Instead of showing you a bunch of pictures of the children holding up there eggs, this is when it was over.

The next day was Easter and our Anniversary. Maybe another day I will share all the fun we had that day:)
I think I need a nap.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some new work

I finally put up some new Owls in the shop. The pink one took me forever. I did the front of her all by hand. Here are the 2 little Owls. Funky the Owl

Pink the Owl

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Saturday is Jonathan's 2nd birthday and Sunday is Easter and Matt and my 12 yr anninversary. Grandma Mary is coming over to watch the little ones while hubby and I go celebrate that we have made it 12 years together with these our crazy lives:) It will be nice to get away, it is something we do not get to do very much of. Can't wait!

Have a very Happy Easter!