Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I need more hours in the day.

I LOVE what I do, my only problem is I need more hours in the day. I have been very fortunate to have people ask me to do custom orders. I have been working on them like crazy!!! Of course when I am tracing out patterns for these orders, I have to make some for the shop too.

What I should have done is take a picture of my studio! What a mess!!!

These are a custom order that I had made a couple of weeks ago. A lady wanted 3 of the same owl for her and her sisters with their mothers name embroidered on the heart. So sweet and scary that I was going to make it how she wanted them. I have one more custom order to finish and a few owl banners that are in the works!!

I thought I would share some pics that I have taken lately that are my favorites of the kids:)

LOVE this of Ava! After a long day of 1st grade!
Preston was sleeping over at Grandma's house so Jonathan and Daddy got to have special time:)

Jonathan's favorite book, a gift from Auntie Stacy:)
LOVE these special moments........................Matt hates when I have to take a picture of it:/
OK, well that was a long blog for all of you. I will be back later to share what is going in the shop!


  1. so cute the way jonathan is all over Matt:)

  2. thanks for the great idea. i was thinking a bow at the bottom of the steam too maybe...i will try the heart idea. i think i have some black and white stripe fabric.

  3. so glad Jonathan loves the book, who wouldn't!

    keep adding pics of the kids, they're so darn cute!!!

  4. I adore those 3 custom owls!!

    Your kids are adorable!