Thursday, July 2, 2009

A couple of quilts

I have been staying up way to late working on some quilts. I am trying to get ready for a craft show I am going to be in on July 15th - 19th. I do have quite a bit of owls but would like some more baby quilts. I don't get much done around here during the day, so my nights are late. I also have been getting ready for my oldest daughters birthday. She is going to be 12. I can't believe it! Her birthday is tomorow, so I have another late night ahead of me. Here are the quilts.

The rest of the pictures of these 2 quilts are in my shop. I think they could be used for a boy or a girl. What do you think?

Have a happy day everyone!


  1. Those are great! I adore the one with the tree! They definitely could be used for either a boy or a girl.

    Happy birthday to your daughter! Time flies by to fast! My son's 8th b-day is on the 18th. Doesn't seem possible.

  2. Love the one with the tree on it. What craft show are you going to be in? I was just contacted to be in a craft show coming up in Sept. and I have never done one...any tips?

    Thanks for your comment today on my more climbing out of the cribs for the day...hoping they learned their lesson!

  3. Yes, I live in MN-St. Paul. Have fun with the craft show. I think I am going to do this one in Forest Lake, but I have a lot of work ahead of me. Figuring out what tables to use, how to display things, etc. But, really excited about it.

    Enjoy your 4th!

  4. Loving the blues and browns...nice work.

  5. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments:)

  6. I love these quilts! I have two boys and I get soooo tired of dinosaurs and trucks! I love that these are more neutral and classic. You know these will look just as great in 50 years as they do today.

  7. okay this is funny - I didn't realize my husband (vince) was logged onto his google account so my comment looks like it's from him. It's really me, I swear!
    I mean, yes, I wish he cared about quilts but sadly he does not ;)