Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was supposed to be doing a 4 day craft show. I learned a few things.When we showed up there were only a couple vendors. I thought maybe more would show up later. Wrong!!! There were 7 vendors when I was told there would be 25. Later I was told that the rest of them would only be doing Saturdays show. How many more? She said a few more. The second thing I learned is the wind is not my friend. My older daughters and I cranked up the tent only to take it down a couple hours later. My products were flying off the tables! It was awful. While we had the tent up, the girls would hold on for dear life to the poles of tent or run from underneath it scared they would blow away with the tent. We had weights on the tent and that helped a little but not much! Thankfully my mom came and said that I should maybe pack up. (I needed someone to tell me it was ok) So I did, only to be told by the supervisor of the event that I would be missing out on a car show opportunity that would be happening later. Thus, my 3rd lesson learned.......just because there will be an "event" does mean that this is business for you. I did not stay for the car show. She was annoyed with me. Why? She has $50 , I will not be getting back. I felt disappointed when I got home and bad for all the time I put in getting ready for the show. Next time I will only do the shows I know that are good ones and make sure there are more then a few vendors. I came away with some lessons and a ton of product for the shop.
This is 1 little owl in the sea of about 25 mini owls. Most of them are about 2 inches. They are a big hit around here!

I have many more products to share with you through out the week! Tonight I will be working on 4 custom owls:)

Have a great night!

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