Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mushrooms anyone

I have been working on this blanket for days. OK, not continuously, but here and there. Finally finished it last night and love the way it turned out. Preston said, "Whoa, I love that".

The little owl matches perfectly.

Not the greatest picture. That is the best I can do on a cloudy day.

I finished this custom owl last night and is ready to be shipped out today.

I never can work on just one owl. I like to make at least 2 at a time. This little owl got finished last night as well.

Pebble the Owl

She also stands all by her little self. Too cute:)

Last night I had Carmen stuff a bunch of mini owls for me. She gets paid a little cash every time she helps. She is a little mini me when it comes to crafting:)
Today I will be placing eyes and noses on those little owls. I have a few items to ship out today as well. All these things will be getting done in between the making meals, wiping "bottoms", yelling, sweeping, vacuuming, doing the never ending piles of laundry, hugging, cuddling, reading stories, going up and down the stairs a million times, making sure Preston doesn't kill himself riding his bike :/(he is my biggest worry every day, I am surprised I have remained sane this summer, YIKES!!!!) I am sure anyone who has at least 1 kid knows all about these things:/
Have a wondrous day!
P.S. Thank you for all the comments on the last post:) Yvonne, I am not sure how long the front page "fame " is. Maybe 10-15 mins? It was fun:)


  1. I don't know how you do it all...so well:)

  2. It's up in the shop:) The mushrooms seem to be a big hit!