Monday, July 20, 2009

new stuff in the shop

I have been listing things every day in the shop. Last night, I listed this little mini owl.....

and it sold right away. That was so fun, nothing has ever sold as soon as it was put up. People seem to really like the little hoots:) I know I will be using these to stuff some Christmas stockings this year:)

I made a few banners for the flop of a craft show. I liked making them, the cutting and sewing and well, just all of it. This one I think is my favorite.

Carmen wants one to hang for her birthday party tomorrow. I think I will have to do a happy birthday applique on one. She also wants a fuzzy owl for her birthday, which is already wrapped up for her. I will post some pictures of her holding her new hoot after her special day. I do have a picture of one that was in the shop though.

I put this one in the shop yesterday and it sold last night. How fun is that?!!!! This fuzzy fabric the kids LOVE. All of my kids have requested one.

We are off to Corrina's first soccer practice. This will be interesting:)

Have a great day.

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