Friday, June 26, 2009

Hoot, Hoot, new Owls on the shop!

I was busy last night making 4 Owls. I had 2 custom owls to make which I will share with you when she receives them. I couldn't stop there so I had to make 2 for the shop:) Here are the little hooters....Meet Gerty and Sherbert!

I also want to share this sweet moment between to brothers.

This book is so sweet. It is called I Love You, Through and Through. They always lay on the couch together like this in the morning. Either reading like this or Jonathan is drinkng is bottle. The older Jonathan gets the closer their relationship gets. Corrina and Carmen were always like this and they are now almost 12 and 10 and they still do almost everything together. I even find them sleeping in Corrina's bed together every once in awhile. Are they not too cute:)
Have a good evening everyone!


  1. Those owls are adorable!!

    Your kids look so sweet hanging on the couch together. =D

  2. Very much your owls like! Beautifully!
    Fine children!

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  4. These little guys are too cute...the boys and the owls! Your owls have so much personality!

    -Sarah from Create Studio