Thursday, May 28, 2009

some new hooters

I feel so bad for little Carmen:( Her and Matt went and bought all their goodies for her field trip today to Jay Cooke. He was going to go with. She was so excited only to wake up with a really bad sore throat and a fever. She tried to pretend she was ok, but in the end she just could not hold it together. She was very sad. Matt told her he was going to bring her there for a special picnic when she feels better.

Last night I made these little hoots:)

I will be loading them up through out the day in the shop. It is such a beautiful sunny day out today:) I wish everyone a great day!


  1. These little owl pins are so sweet! I read some of your earlier post, Happy Birthday to your little girl! my little man turned 5 on the 17 of May. I also loved that blanket, you are very good at picking your color pallets ;) love the blanket and the pins @!!

  2. thank you! It is always nice to feel the love:)