Tuesday, May 12, 2009

birthday time!!

Ava's birthday snuck up on me. It is this Saturday already!!! She wants to have a few friends over so last night I whipped up some invitations for her little friends. They turned out pretty cute:)

She is inviting 4 friends and then I like to save one for her scrapbooks.

This little one is my favorite. I glittered the outer edge of the tree picture and then the outer edge of the card. It is a little hard to see here. The tree is glittery too:) I forgot how much I miss all my pretty papers after not doing it for awhile. Too much sewing.

Speaking of sewing........ I have been busy making this little quilt for the shop.

I have all these cute ideas for quilts and tons of beautiful fabric. I have a few custom orders to fill first though. The little strawberries on the bottom are my favorite part:)
Have a great day!!!