Friday, May 22, 2009

So tiny:)

This little pins are so enjoyable to make. I can make a few in a night and it isn't as time consuming as the other things I make. Last night I wanted to try and make one with just the cute leftover fabrics I had. Here is one.
Then I thought to myself, I can make other pins besides Owls. I love hearts, so I made this really quick one.
And I also love flowers, so this was next and a little more time consuming.

I have a few more ideas swirling around in my head. Now if I didn't have all those loads of clothes waiting to be folded. I wonder what will win out:)

Here is a cute picture of Preston.

He is mad that he can't go in the alley. Sometimes it is ok, when Carmen is playing with him, but cars can go to fast through there and it scares me. He sat there for awhile deciding if he was going to listen or not. He did. Such a good little boy:)

Have a great Friday!!!!!

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