Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New work:)

Preston slept in yesterday, which he never does. When I went to go check on him, he was sitting at the top of the stairs with his hands on his head. I asked what was wrong. He said, "mom, I'm ill". He was warm so he came down stairs and laid around most of the day. I think that is why I got a lot done on this blanket :)
I did the finishing touches when Matt was putting the little ones to bed.
I also made some new little owl pins. These little things take longer to make then I thought.
The girls want to give one to their teachers on the last day of school so I will have to make some more.
On another note......I took this picture of Corrina the other night after she got home from her movie. Sometimes one of the kids just will take me by surprise by how old they are getting. I wanted to take a front one, but she was not cooperating. She hates when I make a fuss over her.
Have a great day today:)


  1. I lovely your blog! love owls!

  2. Like your work! The Good children! I collect owls! Welcome to my blog!

  3. Thank you! I went to your blog. It is all in a different language.:( Very nice quilt.