Friday, May 1, 2009

Out of the dark ages!

Guess what? We now have high speed internet. My family has been waiting forever for us to get it. We had dial up since we got the computer about 7 years ago. Every one hated that they couldn't get ahold of us. Then a couple years ago we got a cell phone and that made it a little easier, only if it was near me to hear it ring. Well, do you want to hear what is so ironic? Yesterday, my regular phone and my cell phone broke. The same day, the same day that we hooked up high speed internet, so people could actually call me while I am on the computer. Ridiculous!!!! And yes, in this big huge house we only had 1 phone. Now, I think that is ridiculous. Yoday I will be getting a new phone and hopefully getting a new cell phone. So Mom, if you are reading this, my phone broke:(
A little update on the flu situation. No one has thrown up yet. Corrina keeps asking me about the swine flu. Last night I just had to laugh at her. She said how her teachers say that the swine flu won't make it this far. Then she asked me if I thought they were right. Corrina is so much like me it scares me. We like to worry about things. I said what I really thought, "I hope not:(". Being a mother I should have lied and said, "you'r teachers are right". Her grandma lived in Texas this winter and came back home pretty much right when the swine flu news broke. We all know where Texas is! Grandma has the flu too. Or is it the "SWINE FLU"? (Kidding of course)

Today I will be loading a couple little Owls in the shop. Here is one of them.


  1. Совы! Я их люблю и собираю!

  2. oh I love owls.. and these are soooo adorable!!! I got to look at your other posts now.. wow, so pretty!

  3. Congrats on the high speed internet! I am a big fan of your work! Your dolls are so adorable! If you'd ever like to do a swap just let me know!

  4. thank you for the nice compliments, that is always so nice to hear:)