Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ava's Birthday!

Ava had her first birthday party where she got to invite her friends. She was so excited. I let her invite 4 little girls. 3 came and they had the best 3 hours. I made them all "goodie" bags. Some of it was stuff I made and some little stuff from the $ store. Here are some high-lights of her big day!
Her 3 layer cake! YUMMY!!! Happy face:)
The hat she made at school for her birthday the day before. I can't believe it survived a whole day without ripping.
The thing she wanted most of all. "BABY ALIVE" !!!! I had no idea what it was and apparently either did she. When she opened it she said, "is this the baby alive?".
Only her bestest friends ever!!!!!! She also got some of her favorite books. Over all she had a really fun 7th birthday!

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