Monday, November 1, 2010

What a blur!

Halloween is always quite the freak show around here. The kids are so excited all day to get ready for trick-or-treating and get all their candy.We has a hippie, a disco girl, a rockin' butterfly, wolfman, woody and Minnie Mouse. Quite the gang:)For the kids Halloween make-up I am used to putting on mascara and lipstick. I have never done anything like this. He would not stop talking which made it a little more difficult. One time I had to say stop talking so I can do this. After a brief pause and I do mean brief, he says, " I can talk in Spanish". We sure got a kick out of that one. These two were the first ones done trick-or-treating. Zhaina was hilarious, she was eating her candy like she was in a race. After a few minutes she couldn't sit still.

Soon enough all children were back home and the trading and sugar rush began.

Check out the shop today for some new items:)

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  1. lots of candy! maria only made it one block... she's such a party pooper!