Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to think about Christmas!!

My most favorite holiday!! I love it!! Decorating is kind of a big deal around here. I would love to start now, but I don't think Matt would go along with that. But................I can shop for gifts!!! How about some of these AWESOME shops in THE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE at Gussy's blog:) I would love to hear what shop you plan on shopping at this year. Mine is stocked full with hoots, hoots and more hoots. I only have about 4 dolls left in the shop so I better get busy creating some little gals:)Cute for a boy or a girl:)The chubby owl:)

You never can go wrong with Amy Butler's fabrics. I LOVE THEM!!

So, go get your shop on!!


  1. i really need to get started on that holiday shopping, but right now i am trying to get this house cleaned, picked-up and organized...again! then i will figure out the holidays!

    i know first, i need to figure out my Christmas card...that is really stressing me out!