Saturday, October 30, 2010

New hoots

The small hoots that I had in the shop are selling fast. I am out of a few of the fabrics that were REALLY popular. Bummed that a few of them are discontinued. Soooo, I have been busy with new and old fabrics making some new hoots for the shop. Here are a few of my favorites.He wasn't very happy about this. But, his clothes matched so perfectly and I just had to.This one is Carmen's favorite.The most faved size:)

They are so cute all together.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend.


  1. is that first owl a tweet? I love the pic!!!!!!! It's fantastic. Have you ever thought of having your kids hold the owls for your list photos? Or at least for the first photo? The rest (photos 2-5) could be w/o kids.

  2. i love the owls. they are darling and so so cute. i love the heart on the owl. :)gina

  3. Gussy, THis is only the second time that I have listed an owl with one of the kids holding it. I would them all to be like this. Kids just don't want to sit still:/
    THank you GIna!