Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My little sister, Brenna!

I had Brenna come over the other weekend. During the school months, she doesn't get to come very often. And now that she has a boyfriend, she would rather be with him. But, whenever she comes I enjoy it. She is only 14, but I bet one day, when she is older, we will be the best of friends. She comes to help out with my five children, she especially likes holding Jonathan:) This time we did a little fun make-over. I thought she looked great, she had another opinion.
Her purple make-up.

The new Brenna:)

Brenna and Corrina doing "girly stuff " in Corrina's room.

Too cute:)

I need to get busy on some more inventory, so have a GREAT DAY!


  1. very cute I like the makeover :)

  2. that last photo looks like you and your mother 35 years ago...weird...
    but good weird:]