Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More pictures of the soon to be, "SUNSHINE KIDS"

Well, I did not finish these yet like I wanted to. I was so tired last night, we went to bed early, which we never do. We are night "owls". We can stay up until 2 and then have to get up with kids at 7 for school.........gee, and I wonder why I am so tired. I have been multi tasking today, more then usual. I am working on the dolls and Carmen's friend's owl. Tonight is movie night for Matt and I, so I like to have something I can sew by hand while "spending time" with Matt.

Here are some pics of the boys and a pic of all the little dollies waiting to be stuffed and a little sweet something added to each one:)

The boys, waiting for their legs and arms to be sewn in. These boys are so much work than the girls. They have more material, so sewing their arms and legs in, is like having a wrestling match:(

You can't see their little smiles in this pic, but they do have one:)

The "SUNSHINE KIDS" waiting to be stuffed. Sorry about the bad pics.

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