Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love pink!

I ended up making another owl for the custom order I had. She doesn't like hearts so I am glad I wasn't set on having that one be hers. I want to make one more so she can choose. We will see if I have time for that.:) Here it is.
Today was the first time I went and watched Preston at Hockey! I was so proud. When I saw him get out on that ice and skate around I got tears in my eyes. He still uses the bar but once they took it away from him he was fine. If he falls, he ends up just laying on the ice for a few minutes. He props his head up with his hands under his chin. It is so cute. There are kids even younger then him out there. This one little tiny boy came over to Preston while he was taking his "rest" and sat next to him and you could tell he was saying something to him and he kept coping what Preston was doing. It was so cute. After practice I asked Preston what he was talking to him about and he said, "who, Pooper?". Ok, so the little boy's name is Cooper and Preston refuses to believe that it is anything but "Pooper".

I took a few pictures with the digital but my regular camera takes way better pictures and I took a ton on there so I will have better pictures at a later date, but here is one with the digital.

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