Monday, March 2, 2009

My Etsy Treasures!

I thought I would show you some of the fun things I have bought from some great Etsy artists. They are not the greatest of pictures though.
Who doesn't have something from "the black apple". I LOVE the little disco girl. I matted it with scrapbook paper and put in a cute frame. The first one usually is not my style but I just like this one for some reason and I like how it looks in the the ugly wall paper that I have yet to change is another story:(
"The Dreamy Giraffe" , I have the most of her art work. I think all of it is so adorable. She had a great special going on and I could not resist. The first 2 are up in my craft room and they need to be framed. The second 2 are in my daughter's room(sorry about the bad picures) and the last one I thought is a perfect fit for my kitchen! I still have 4 more that are not pictures here. Maybe another day:)
This little picture is so cute, it is by "DUDADAZE". I matted it with scrapbook paper that matches her dress perfectly and stuck it in a frame, which sits on a dresser in our upstairs hallway. I have 2 of her cute peices of art.
We know I love the Owls! This is a cute little mobile from "blackbirdfashion". Right now I have it hanging in my dining room. Again sorry about the ugly wallpaper. You think after almost 9 years I would have changed it by now, but I have had no desire to tackle taking the wallpaper down.

So there you go, some of my favs!

Here is another Owl that will be going in the shop and is one of the 2 I made for a custom order that I will let her choose from.

Butterscotch the Owl

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  1. Hi April.
    Thanks for the plug. :)
    And, yes, I have something from the Black APPle too.