Monday, March 9, 2009

If they were only like "this" more often!

Carmen and Preston are 2 of the same, just different genders. It is usually these 2 jumping around the house like some kind of wild animals. I am always yelling one of their names. This, though, was a perfect moment that I had to capture.

Right now I am working on something so fun and cute! I would like to get them done before tomorrow. I have a birthday "Owl" I have to make for Carmen's little friend. Then I have 4 custom orders I should be working on. 3 of them are from this really nice lady that I work with. I think I am busy, she has 6 kids!! (YIKES!) Then another owl. I better get off the computer and get busy. Here are half of the "SUNSHINE KIDS".

1 comment:

  1. your dolls are really lovely, I want to design a Belle doll at some point along side with a million other creative projects !