Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another house project.

Well, we started another house project. We did not finish the living room yet because I would like the floors sanded first. Matt thought we should work on the kitchen floor that was started 8 years ago. 8 yrs ago he pulled up the tile in the kitchen and sanded part of the floor and that is the way it stayed. The raw floor did get ruined though. So late last week, he started once again in the kitchen and the next night did nothing. I was a litte unhappy. After that I made sure he knew this time the floor would be finished. Last night he stayed up past his "bed time" and worked on it. He got the first coat of poly down. YEAH!! The down-side is that the fridge is in the dining room:( We made breakfast and lunch in here so far and it is a little like camping. Hopefully tonight he can get the last 2 coats on.

I have been busy loading items into the shop. Here are a couple new ones..........................

Have a great day:)

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