Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know, I know, I missed Take Me Back Tuesday, but I have a house full of sickness...................again. Who is the lucky one today? That would be Matthew. All of a sudden last night he just didn't feel good. For the first time in the last 15yrs that we have been together he called in sick to work:/

Anyways today's post is about Inspiration which was prompted by Gussy's blog. She started an Inspiration workshop last week that anyone can join.

This weeks prompt is HANDMADE!

So what inspires me? Many, many things, but today I will share this.

This super CUTE quilt!

I work with fabric so that appeals to me for sure. These colors on this quilt are so fun and bright I just love it! I am new to quilting (3yrs) and have tried my hand at 2 large one in the last 7 months. You may remember this one and this one. I would really like to make on of these quilts though, I could buy the pattern from her shop, but I don't do patterns. My quilts are done free hand ( I hate measuring).

If you would like to see what inspires other creative people com check out Gussy's blog and you will be sure to find some great inspiration!


  1. Beautiful quilt. I wish I had the patience for thing like this, but it would require a much longer attention span than I seem to possess.

  2. quilting is on my "must learn" to-do list.

    i would need a dedicated room for quilting, hah. it looks so intense!

    thanks for linking up my sweet friend! xoxo :]