Sunday, June 12, 2011

New items!

I have been sewing like crazy these last few days. Why?? Because I am trying to forget the fact that my mouth hurts so bad that sometimes I can barley stand it:/ I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out on Tuesday and the first couple of days were really not that bad, but the last few days have been awful!! Sewing has been the only thing that keeps my mind busy. Also I have been pretty much hiding in the house because I look like I have cotton balls in my mouth:/ Hopefully it will be over soon:/ I have neglected a few things around here, one of the biggest is my 5 nights a week circuit training which I actually miss, imagine that;)

So in light of my recent torture, I have gone mad and have been sewing and sewing. Here are some of the new ones in the shop this morning!

I have added a NEW category to the shop. Lots of people like to buy pairs of the Owl Bookends so I have added some matchers to the shop for a lower price then if you were to buy them each separately. I have don this before and they tend to sell quickly so come see if any of them tickle your fancy:) Another set. Although yesterday I added a few to the NEW category also. I wanted to have some really cute girly owls for the little gals so I have a few in the shop now. I have plans for ones with eyelashes. Can't wait to get started on them.
I just LOVE the pink and black!

Right now I have "sew" many owls in the making in my studio! I have owl garlands that are being filled and maybe finished today! I also have a new product that I hope to get busy on this summer. Oh and don't forget about the Christmas owl ornaments that I start in the summer. Last year I made over 250! This year I am shooting for 300! I really enjoy the process of the ornaments. They look so fun in a big bundle:)

So there you have it I have gone crazy from the pain in my mouth and have MANY owls to show for it!


  1. Ouch, I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out, it's no fun :( Hope you are feeling better and Happy Sewing!

  2. Love your owls!!! I met you at TCC and loved seeing them in person... Renee