Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take Me Back Tuesday

I seemed to have missed a couple of weeks:/ After a very painful week of having my wisdom teeth pulled, I am finally feeling better. So, I will be doing my "weekly" Take Me Back Tuesday:)

My mom and dad divorced when I was 4 (I think).Even though I do not remember a life of them being married, this picture strikes a sentimental feeling. It may be the fact that I do not remember it and I guess most kids wished for their parents to be together. I would have loved to know what they were like together for those few years even though I am sure it was hard.

I do remember visiting my dad on the weekends.Look at how happy the two of us are:) My dad looks a little goofy, but this picture resembles how I still feel about my dad.

My dad soon married, Julie. When I was 7 and Adam was 5 we moved in with my dad and step mom. I believe that this was the best decision that was made. It was the structure I needed to become the person I am today and have the family that I now have. My dad and Julie have a marriage that I look up to. I learned from them what a family is and how to be a good parent. (my mother taught me valuable things as well. That is for another time) I am very thankful for them, but it took me to have my own family and to grow-up a little bit before I realized the impact of this.

From them I have 2 other sisters, Jennifer and Sheena.This may have been the only "professional" picture there is of all of us.

Thank you Dad and Julie for loving me and raising us right:)