Friday, May 6, 2011

What Have I Been Doing???

It has been a LONG time since my last blog post:/ I do have good reasons. The biggest one is my family, it is really hard to find time to blog or to do the computer stuff. A mom of 5 keeps me busy and well they also take over the computer. I Sew Lucky keeps me busy which is a good thing:) Annnd, I have been on a few little house kicks lately.I have rearranged these items 85 times. Ok, maybe not 85 times, but close. If I had it my way I would paint this breakfast hutch white. I do love it, this was the biggest reason I fell in love with this house. The mantel has been rearranged a million times as well. The think is, it is just not right. I know what I want to do with it now, but we will see when I get around to that.

Another thing I have been up to is making pillows for the house. Do you see them in the back there? Some on the bench and some on couch.These two are my favorite. I would love to make a quilt with the brown fabric.
The quilt I did make is this one. I also made like 5 pillows to match and realized way too much of these colors in one place. Oh well, they are comfy.
This is the biggest quilt I have made. It is ALOT of fabric to work with. I bought the fabric on a Monday and finished on Saturday. I was in the zone with this project.
Here is the back fabric. After all that cutting and sewing the squares together I like the this side the best. Annnd I realized it doesn't match the living room very well. At least it covers the ugly brown couch. I would really LOVE a white slip cover. Probably not a good idea with 5 kids. Darn:/

Believe it or not I have made some NEW owls for the shop and have filled orders. It has been awhile since I had these bigger hoots in the shop that have a lot of details. Buttercream the Owl
Raspberry the Owl
Chaz the Owl

Hopefully I will have time to add some bookends to the shop today. I may end up just enjoying this nice sunny day because it looks like we are not going to see the sun for awhile after today:((

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's!

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  1. I wish I had the woodwork that you have in your house, it's gorgeous! We have been been trying to finish a quilt for me since Jan, I'm impressed with how fast you did yours, I love it!