Saturday, May 7, 2011

Remember when............

Remember when you were a preteen and all you wanted to do was be just like your friends? Every night Carmen has me french braid her hair after her shower so it will be crimpy (even though her hair is curly and beautiful). She set a trend and now her friends are all going to school with the same hair:)

The other day she had a couple friends come over after school and this is what they looked like walking home.Notice the same school bags? They were all giggling because I was going to pick them up, but they wanted to walk so I followed them and snapped some pictures with my phone.

I made them turn around so I could snap some more. They were being too silly to get a really good one.Speaking of silly....................I have tried and tried to get a good picture of myself by taking it the mirror:/ This will have to do. kiss kiss:)))

On another note, I added 4 bookends to the shop today!! Can you guess my favorite?

Trying to get back to the blogging thing. We will see how it goes:))

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