Monday, March 7, 2011

An entire day to ourselves!!

My mom has been so great at helping out this winter!! This Saturday she watched the kids so Matt and I could spend the day out and about:) I know, you are thinking Corrina could be watching them. HA!!!! Yes, she will be 14 this July, but she is like any other teenager that has their cellphone attached to their fingertips. She can watch them when I run errands in town here, but when I will be gone for the day we need some mature eyes on the kiddos. My mom showed up bright and early at 8:45!! She was not alone she also had Zhaina that day:) Zhaina is the girl version of Preston, so my mom had her hands full with those 2 alone. Little did I know that she had half the neighborhood over here. The girls each had a friend over. We called around supper time to see how it was going and it sounded like a circus show!!! I couldn't hang up fast enough and thank God that I was not there:/
We finally made it home around 8:30:) It was a really great day! We accomplished a lot. Here are some of our treasures.I saw something like these in Pottery Barn magazine and had planned on getting one. This one came from Pier 1 for almost half the price!! I LOVE it. We couldn't leave with just one.I may even have to get a third one:) I also bought these glass balls to put in my glass vase. I LOVE these too:) I know it looks a little awkward. When the kids went to bed Saturday night I started putting up our new items and have moved them around like 20 times. Still working on it. I tired to take a picture so you could tell how huge this glass jar is!! It just doesn't do it justice. The cashier said they just put it out that morning. Lucky me:) Again, I am sure this will not be the last place it sits. But, I do like it in this room against the orange walls:)

Loving this glass cylinder with all these dried little thingies.

We also went to Home Depot and got a bunch of things to redo are downstairs bathroom with. I would have rather been at Pier 1:/ But, we left with what we needed, a toilet and other things. It was so funny, on the ride home, I was telling Matt I couldn't wait to go home and look at all the new stuff and Matt said, "I can't wait and look at my.............toilet". Ya, he has A LOT of projects ahead of him. He did mange to put the new bench together the next day. It's a good start Matty:)

Thank you Mom, for spending the day watching my kids (and others). I really appreciate it:)))

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