Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have a few random things to share. Matt took these 3 fishing for the opener on Saturday. They woke up at 4a.m. :/ I managed to roll out of bed to hug them all good-bye and wish them good luck. As soon as they walked outside it started pouring rain! I secretly was hoping that they would turn around and come back in (what can I say I am a mother and felt bad that they were going to be wet and cold). They had a good time and came back by noon when dad had had enough of fishing with 3 young kids who needed him to do everything for them. Look at their little faces:)Little Miss Ava May turned 9 on Monday! I can't get over how old all my kids are getting. Every year goes by faster and faster. We just had a little cake and ice cream her real fun will be at the end of the month when she gets to have a party with her friends. Preston is loosing more teeth and now has a goofy little grin, but lovable:)

I added some NEW bookends to the shop yesterday.I have used big buttons like these on a bookend before. It turned out really cute:)

I made a rag doll with these fabrics last year and forgot how much I LOVE them together. So CUTE!

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