Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring cleaning and owl making!

I have been on this cleaning kick today! I HATE cleaning!! We got this big huge T.V. that takes up the top of the fireplace. I think it may be too high. The kids like it! Anyways so everything is being arranged in the house. Things are being put away and owls are being finished. Here are 2 more.
The picture in the back is from The Black Apple!! It really isn't the type of thing I like, but for some reason I just really liked this print. Now it is in the upstairs hallway. The owls matched perfectly:) Here is how they look in the shop.

Another reason I may be cleaning is because the shop is soooo slow right now. I will be ready when it picks up:)

Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday!


  1. I just bought my first owl! :) I am soooo excited!! Can't wait to get it. xoxo

  2. I know!!! You might get it today! Thank you, I hope you like her:)