Monday, March 15, 2010

My little helpers!

Craft show/fair season is coming up!! I love to them only if my cousin Barb is involved. It looks like I will be doing a couple of them for sure. In order to get ready for this I have been cutting out a ton of mini owls with the flat bottom.I started sewing them up last night and had a little help cutting off all the stings and corners. Are they not the best!! I love them so:)
First I had Carmen helping. She did NOT want her picture taken. I snuck one in there! Tonight she is going to help me make some Thank yous.
He also did not want his picture taken in fear of I would be using it for this:) He he:))) He is such a good little sport! And this little guy did not help, but he just looked so sweet as he was sleeping:)
Carmen took this picture.

I will also share this picture of Jonathan that I LOVE! Little Jonny B how I love you so:)
This picture of Preston is from the same day, but he is such a boy, except for maybe the pink shirt which he says is his new favorite color. Dad did not like that. I get a kick out of him:)
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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