Thursday, March 25, 2010

A couple of collections:)

I have a custom order for 2 little dollies and do you think I can just do those............................nope! I have started 12 dollies and a ton of bookends and other size owls along with minis, minis, and more minis. You really should see my studio right now........YIKES! Here are 2 matching dollies, bookends and some minis that are now in the shop.
All of these sold today except for the dollie.
Bluebell the rag dollie:) I think she is so cute:) Love the colors.Can anyone guess where this fabric is from???? MOM??? Target! I think it was a table cloth. (the flower fabric) It is sooo cute. Next thing I may make with it might be a pillow for our living room. The dollies name is Roxi.
I really like how the bookends fill up with the beans.

Tonight I will be working on another collection it won't be added tomorrow though. Too many things to do. On Saturday Carmen is having a sleepover with a 4 or 5 of her friends and Sunday my sister is holding a clothing swap. Busy weekend, but looking forward to it!


  1. how could no one have snatched up that blonde dollie on the 1st day?! She is completely adorable, i LOVE her!!!

    I recognized that Target fabric (er. tablecloth) right away ;)

    can't wait to see you and your 10 items on Sunday!

  2. roxi is so cute, as are the matching owls... i'm a sucker for green. glad to hear your going to stacy's party. i'll see you there!!

  3. these are darling. I love them!!!