Sunday, March 7, 2010

A change of scenery!

I have been in the mood to move things around. This weekend I moved my studio around.
It feels like I have more room now. I have not scrapbooked for a very long time so I decided to get caught up on some pictures and do a little scrapbooking.
I feel so guilty for not scrapbooking when over half of my studio is full of it. I have stuff I will never use I am sure. It felt good to look at pictures and dig out all the paper and embellishments.
I like to write on a lot of the pages so the kids will know little stories about when they were growing up.....things that may be forgotten over the years. I used to be really good at writing down all the little funny things they would say and keeping journals for each of them and myself. Now I write in their journals once a year and mine.......................well it has been like 2 years. I think I will keep my scrapbooking stuff out on the desk and work on here and there when the mood strikes me. I finished this one today and hopefully another one tonight.
The last few days I have been doing very little sewing but I have been working on this slowly and finished it.

owl garland/ banner

I have another one that I have been slowly working on as well. We will see if I can finish it tonight.


  1. i'm so jealous of all your scraping supplies! i like to scrap book but its so expensive so my pages are very limited.

  2. I love to write a lot in my scrapbooking as well. It makes for some very special moments. My mom kept a little "scrapbook" of sorts of my first year, and I still go back and read it now and then...I'm sure our kids will do the same.

    And I LOVE my owl...LOVE HER!! Thank you!! She came safe and sound and is proudly sitting next to my hoodies! :)


  3. glad to see you're not neglecting your scrapbooking skills...too bad it's not as luctrative as owls!