Tuesday, February 9, 2010

custom orders

I have been busy with custom orders the last couple of weeks. I still have quite a few more on my list. I am doing a quilt right now with appliqued owls. I will share when it is finished. For now I will share these orders that are now finished:)
This is the reverse of "fancy the owl". A customer received Fancy for Christmas and wanted another one similar. So here she is:)
Owls in the making.
Owls stuffed. They still need some added touches. Although this picture is from last week. They are now done and mailed out. The lady that ordered these has ordered many owls from. She has 5 children and wanted an owl to represent each person of her family. These are only 3 of them. It was a fun project to work on!
Today I will be finishing a quilt and 2 banners. This customer also ordered 3 owls to represent her new family. Dad, mom and soon to be baby. I will have pictures to share when finished!
I better get busy!

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