Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boys, Lincoln Logs and Dinosaurs!

Boys are sooooo different then girls. Mine are anyways. I could always count on the girls to sit at the table and color for an hour or 2. I might get 3 mins of coloring out of Preston. He hops from one thing to the next. It can be really hard to get anything done during the day when he wants to be doing something new every 5 mins. Yesterday I took the boys and bought them some Lincoln Logs and Dinosaurs hoping to keep them busy for longer then 5 mins.
They did play longer then 5 mins but I also had to join in the playing which I do not really do.
They even broke them out again before bed:)
Last night I made these 2 owls to stick in the shop.
Marshmallow the Owl
Owl bookend
I was hoping to get some other owls made during Jonathans nap today while Preston played with his new Lincoln Logs......................WRONG! Preston needed me to build him a house. How could I say no to his sweet little face. So on the floor I went building this.
And of course it would not be fun if there wasn't an attack of some sort.

He wanted the "Lincoln Log" cover in the picture. He has told me the letters over and over again. Very proud.
We will see how many days before I have to brainstorm for something else that will keep his attention longer then 5 mins. Any suggestions?


  1. lincoln logs r so cute. luke is the same way. his attention span is about 10min. but i hoped it would get better as he got older. :-/. but i LOVE watching him play :) its so cute

  2. I only have boys, but I hear that all the time from people who have girls. I guess its good boys are all I know because I never have reason to complain. ha ha

    I just never get much

    Boys rule though, and lincoln logs and especially dinosaurs.