Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owl family:)

For some reason I am into making these little families of owls.There are more members to the family some were already put in the shop yesterday and sold:) I just like giving people more then 1 choice. I really like the stripes.

I have been busy with regular owl pillows as well. Here a few that were put in the shop today.

For more pictures of these cute owls, you can check out my shop:)

I also was in need of putting more owl garlands in the shop. I sold 2 yesterday!!!! That was sooo exciting! I have 2 that I have not put in the shop yet. This is an "up close" of the one I will put in tomorrow.

This one was put in today:)

I have a few more bookends and minis to finish tonight for tomorrows update and then it will be all about custom orders I NEED to do.

Hope everyone is having a good night!


  1. really cute and sounds like the shop is busy...wonderful. i will be paying you soon...because my shop was busy too...just waiting on one more thing to come in.

    love the new items...and the that one too...using it for crayon rolls!