Sunday, January 3, 2010

One thing??

I can never just do one thing at a time. I always have to do many at once. Like if I am going upstairs I have to carry as much stuff upstairs with me as I can. (stuff that needs to be put away or whatever) If I am on the computer I need to be on the phone or doing bills, making a grocery list..............on and on. I wish I had more time in the day. I am realizing now that I wish I had someone to do all this computer stuff for me for my Etsy shop. It is sooooo time consuming. So..............I was doing some custom orders and could not just do those, I needed to make stuff to put stuff in the shop as well.
They are all in different stages of being done.
These ones I finally finished LATE last night.
Half are sewn together and the other half need their eyes sewn on so I can sew them together.
I think this part where I have sewn them together and then turn them right-side out is my favorite part. They look so cute. I have a couple favorites, but they are all pretty cute.
This bookend is my favorite.
These are few of the Sweetheart owls for Valentine's Day! I think all of these are pretty dang cute:)
OWL love you always Valentine Owls.
Sweetheart owl for "Sweetheart":)


  1. oh, i feel the same way...i am just sitting down to work on a 'project' list that i think will be a mile long. and i know i still owe you...that is on my list.

    i really need more time in the day or another me and the etsy stuff/computer stuff...just too much...i totally agree!

    good luck and take a little is okay!

  2. it's quite the factory you have goin' on over there!

    cute Valentine's Owls!

  3. you need some older lady to do some of the computer stuff...too bad i'm so far away:)