Monday, January 18, 2010


Sorry I have not posted in a loooong time. Busy around here:) I thought I would share the latest for the shop. Yesterday I was organizing my studio and thought I need to so something with all these scraps. So this little one took up quite a few of the pinks and reds:) My favorite. With the blue scraps I made this one.I actually made a few. I tried to use every inch of the patched up fabrics. Here is a little "patch" family.
On another note....................the weather has been pretty warm the last couple of days. Preston was bouncing off the walls yesterday so we sent him and Ava outside.
They were still outside when Jonathan woke up for his nap. Daddy was out there to keep an eye on them all. Ava and Preston were so sweet to help Jonathan through the snow.

Every time Jonathan would touch the snow with his mittens he would brush his hands together to get the snow off......................too cute!

I have a few custom orders I need to get busy on. Hopefully I will post sooner this time. I LOVE ready everyones comments, so thank you for following me:)


  1. I've been checking nearly everyday for a post...and then finally here it is! I LOVE the patch family, too cute!

  2. love the little patch cute. i have so many scraps...need to figure out what to do with hard to keep them organized!