Saturday, December 26, 2009


What a busy few days it has been!! Christmas Eve started off with the my Dad and step mom, Julie at our house celebrating Christmas! The kids had so much fun eating Pizza Hut and opening their fun presents! I tried to take some pictures of them all together and of course never got everyone smiling at the same time! This is the best I could do.....
I tried again after everyone go their traditional Christmas Eve jammies on.
They all seem to look happy:) Jonathan's expression is my favorite! They all wanted to hold a present in this next one......
AWWWWWW:) So happy, it makes me wish I was kid again:)
Preston and Jonathan doing a little playing.
Preston putting out cookies and milk for Santa!
After lots of excitement the kiddies finally went to sleep and I did one of my favorite things. HO HO HO!

If you notice, half of the side of tree has no lights:/ We can thank the cat for that one. I caught her up in the tree. I hand no desire to fix it. One last cute picture of Christmas Eve.

I love his little shaved head:) He is too dang cute! Love you Preston!

I had both my cameras going all night and decided to Matt in charge of the digital on Christmas day. I wish I would have had both. This is the only one I have to share of our very busy fun day!

I was so disappointed that I did not have more to choose from. The digital camera does not take very good pictures, but it would have been nice to have more. I will have to wait to get my film developed for the hopefully better ones!

We had such a fun time with the family! LOTS of food and laughing!! I wish my brother and wife could have made it home this year and also my sister Melissa had to work:( Too bad that it had to end a little earlier this year due to the bad weather.

I wish everyone has a great New Year!


  1. LOVE the pic with the Christmas jammies! THAT is a really fun tradition you guys have going, and Jonathan's face is priceless! Zhaina and I had lots of fun and Zhaina keeps asking about when Ava is coming over to spend the night...let us know.

  2. love the photos!! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!!